Windows 10 error 0xc00000e | Fix blue screen error BSOD


Windows 10 error 0xc00000e | Fix blue screen error BSOD

Recently, I updated my windows machine but after the update gets completed, terrible. The blue screen of death in short BSOD. Thereafter I analyze how common this problem is with our beloved OS.

What should I do if Windows 10 error code 0xc00000e or BSOD occurred? Reported by many windows users, particularly after windows update.

If you are reading this article, then there is a certainty that you may be one of the victims.

In this article, we will talk about how we can fix “bsod” problem.

The major reason for windows stop code to occurs is due to the corrupted master boot sector.

However, we will see all the possible causes of this problem and try to fix it automatically using simple tools by windows.

Now there could be N number of solutions for this 0xc000000e, and we hope that you may able to fix your system. Let’s discuss solutions one by one which may fix bsod:-

SOLUTION 1 (HARDWARE ISSUES) – Windows 10 error 0xc00000e

Try to check your hard drive cable, It may be possible that there is a problem with your drive. this also may result in a blue screen.

However, there is the least number of chances for this problem to occur, If you are certain that this couldn’t be the case then let’s move to the second solution.

SOLUTION 2 (SYSTEM REPAIR & RESTORE) – Windows 10 error 0xc00000e

STEP 1:- Try to go in recovery mode by pressing F8 as can be seen in the screen below.

Windows 10 error 0xc00000e | Fix blue screen error BSOD

If nothing is happening by pressing F8 then skip this solution and read Solution 3. If you can go further by pressing F8 then do the following.

Windows 10 error code

STEP 2:- Choose Troubleshoot Option and then Advanced options in next screen.


STEP 3:- In advanced options, select Automatic Repair. If this works for you then great you should able to run system normally.

STEP 4:- If the situation remains unchanged then, repeat STEP 1, 2,3 again to come on the same screen shown above.

STEP 5:- Select System Restore. (See separate article on system restore).


STEP 6:- Click Next. Choose the most recent restore point and wait for the process to complete.

STEP 7:- Boot system, If this works for you then great you should able to run system normally.


STEP 1:- You need bootable windows 10 flash drive.

If you don’t Know Click here to see the complete guide to create a bootable drive.

STEP 2:- Boot from the pen drive (check your system what is the specific button for your system) and try to perform the automatic repair.

windows 10

STEP 3:- If doesn’t work, then choose “Systems restore” and STEP 2 – 6 of solution 2 can be performed.

STEP 4:- If this works for you then great you should able to run system normally.


STEP 1:- Boot From Pendrive Click Repair your Computer / Troubleshoot / Advanced options.


STEP 2:- Choose Command Prompt

STEP 3:- Type following command Bootrec/fixmbr . If you see the error message access denied simply skip this solution and check for Solution 5.


If you see the message “The operation completed successfully” then there is the maximum chance that your problem will be fixed by this solution.

STEP 4:- After you see ” The operation completed successfully” Now type Bootrec /fixboot .


STEP 5:- After you see ” The operation completed successfully” Now type Bootrec /rebuildbcd.


STEP 6:- Now you may or may not have Installed more than one OS. Like here in this example, there are two OS Installed. Therefore A needed to be entered in case of a multiple OS.

Type either A or Y in case of single os.

Wait for a while and restart. if you see the success message then you should see the your system running normally.

If Problem Still Persist then consider creating boot manually as shown in SOLUTION 5.


STEP 1:- (Identification of Boot Drive/Boot Volume) First we required to identify the drive in which OS is installed.

For that we need to use of of most common tool of Windows

TYPE Diskpart and press Enter

STEP 2:- Type List Disk in case of a single OS and List Volume in case of Multiple OS.

fix windows bsod

STEP 3:- Try to Identify the Volume or Disk where the OS is installed.

If you couldn’t recognize check the label Column and see the drive without the label.

Also, see the size of the volume as well if the volume is in MB then Ignore that(It can be your Boot Drive)

In the above picture volume 4 and Volume 5 are the boot Drive.

If you have installed OS then there would be Single Volume.

fix windows bsod

STEP 4:- After Identification of drives/Volumes note down the letter of drive/Volume from the Ltr column of the Identified Volumes Row.

In Above case the letters are E & F

STEP 5:- Type Exit and press enter to leave Diskpart as shown in the image below.

fix windows bsod

STEP 6:- After Identification of drives/Volumes

Type bcdboot Path. for example here bcdboot E:\windows

If you have more then one then repeat the same with another drive.

fix windows bsod

STEP 7:- The problem should certainly be fixed if you see ” Boot files successfully created”

STEP 8:- Finally, Exit Command Prompt reboot your system. You should able to run OS Normally.

Tell us which solution among the above worked for you, how much you like or dislike this post. If you have other questions or solutions then please let us know in the comment down below.

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