Popular Chinese games in India – Tencent’s PubG and Fortnite

PubG, Valorant and Fortnite are among most popular chinese games in India

Pubg and Fortnite are among most popular Chinese games played in India as well as in whole world.

Tencent a Chinese Internet gaint has invested around $562.6 million in Bluehole Creators of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PubG.

Another Popular Chinese game, Fortnite developed by Epic Games can be seen as rival of steam, whose majority of stackes (40%) has been owned by Chinese company Tencent.

Valorant, another popular game developed by RIOT GAMES whose 93% stake now belongs to Tencent. Thou the company founded in USA now owned by Chinese Internet gaint.

Free Emulators Gameloop, Memu Play, Nox Player

Not only that, those who want to play these games in PC there are completely free chinese emulators such as Gameloop from tencent, Memu Play , Nox Player from Beijing Duodian Online Science and Technology Co., Ltd. avaliable which let you play the mobile games in PC.

Gameloop a free android emulator, gain traction which let the users to play PubG and other MOBA games to PC .

Chinese Games Concern of Saftey to India and for the world.

The matter that is of concern is being raised regarding saftey, as it has been seen in the past, how prone is users data to has been shared by of these apps.

Recent espionage and cyber attacks also could be one of the reason behind this.

This further in enhanched in combination of Chinese phones, that may further makes this further worse.

Not only that the new 5G can create the complete eco system may have capability to extract every oune of data. This results lot of countries are now avoiding 5G contract from Chinese manufacturers.

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