Youtube video to text converter 2020

Want to transcribe YouTube to text? Then you are in right place. Just follow these basic steps and you will able to easily transcribe youtube to text.


STEP 1:- Open YouTube . Search for the video that you want to transcribe. If already opened then make right click and copy URL like as shown.

video to text convertor

STEP 2:- Click Here This website named will open , don’t bother about the interface. This is the fastest way to convert youtube video to text, also very easy and automatically convert youtube video to text in few clicks.

Youtube to text

STEP 3:- After the website opens, simply paste the youtube link as shown.

transcribe youtube video to text

STEP 4:- Now click on select action and choose “Download Captions via Captions Grabber

convert youtube video to text

STEP 5:- Now click on the links shown to convert video to text

As shown above you can have both 1 youtube video to Text as well as youtube video to subtitles.
In this ways you can use this site as youtube video to text conversion.

Voila, You have the whole video converted to text in just a click or maybe a few seconds.

NOTE: If for any reson this didn’t work for you then manually open Captionsgrabber and paste the youtube link to convert.

Still you face problem in coverting youtube video to text then check this link .

Diycaption is the fastest site that converts the whole YouTube video to text in seconds.

Check also another method POST Updated July 2020

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youtube to mp3


Another method of how you can convert youtube video to text in form of subtitles YouTube video to .srt.

If you want to add subtitles to the downloaded video then you may click here.

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