Download and install windows 10

In this post we will see how to download and install windows 10 from very beginning ,we will be covering step by step procedure of download and install windows 10 from a flash drive for free.

Requirement to download and Install windows 10

Before, starting the process of download and install windows 10 from the flash drive.

The things that we require are

1. Working Internet Connection (Required around 4 GB to download)

2. Flash drive of 8 GB or more for creating bootable disk.

The following are the steps of how to download and install windows 10 from a flash drive for free

STEP Downloading windows 10

Either follow the steps or download iso file directly

Step 1 – Open the Browser.

Step 2 – Search in google for download windows 10 or visit following URL…

Step 5 – Connect flash drive (If you have any data in flash drive then please do back up).

Step 7 – After the Pendrive Ready Connect to the system which needs to be formated.

Step 8 – Back up your data from the system or the drive that needs to be formated ( For Example if you are formatting C Drive then copy your documents and other important data, don’t copy windows programs as they will be installed again. just copy your data.

Step 9 – make changes to BIOS if required else you can skip this step.

Step 10 – Boot from the flash drive as shown in the video.

Step 11 – Follow the Instruction and format your drive to perform a clean install. (If you have confusion then pls take help or make a comment) In the format section, you can decide whether you want to format all drive or one in which you will be installing the OS.

Step 12 – Install Windows 10 OS as per the video.

Step 13 – Configure your windows and enjoy.

After Installing windows have a look at the article How to Speed Up Your Computer . Kindly let us know what do you think about this article thanks.

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