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(Last Updated On: November 28, 2019)

Installing Hackintosh in your PC itself is quite challenging, the reason is quite simple.

Hackintosh use tweaks and customize so that we can install Mac OS to non-apple hardware.

However, device drivers and compatibility remain a big challenge in Hackintosh due to limited development and lack of driver support to a variety of hardware.

This particularly true with laptops, where there is very little opportunity to customize the hardware configurations.

Now let’s talk about one such challenge, How we can enable wifi in Hackintosh.

The best way to enable wifi in Hackintosh is to find the compatible drivers on communities, for example, tonymacx86.

If you couldn’t find any solution then this ways 100% going to work for any computer, laptop.

Steps to enable wifi into Hackintosh.

Step 1:- Download a Software by clicking here also you may visit the following link

Step 2:- Install the software, If you want to know how to do it then see the instruction video below

Enable Wifi in any Hackintosh

Yes, I do agree with a lot of guys like this can’t be a good way to do, but I want to say that something is better than having nothing.

All we need is the USB cable, that we carry most of the time with us. Another advantage is our phone will get charged simultaneously so we don’t need to worry about it as well.

Thanks to Mr. Mikhail Iakhiaev who is maintaining this awesome tool link

Step 3:- After installation, restart your Hackintosh.

Step 4:- Click on System Preferences then network.

Step 5:- Connect your mobile to the wifi and cable both, This way the phone will use wifi and transfer the data to your Hackintosh.

Congratulations you should able to run your internet successfully.

Please check the video for a more detailed explanation with an example.

Kindly leave your valuable feedback/suggestion in the comment down below. also, do check out our article on how to improve the system speed.

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