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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

1. Interface

Goodnotes4 Goodnotes5

The Interface of goodnotes 5 is complete overhaul from previous version. Some of the major changes are :-

  • New color scheme.
  • Conventional files folder system.
  • Favorite Tab added in the bottom.
  • Search tool at a very convenient position
  • Thumbnail and list view
  • UI looks more friendly and cool
  • New Covers/Templates

2. Resize & Rotate Text

The updated resize option now integrated with rotate

We know that in the previous version we had lack of one of the very basic feature, which is we couldn’t able to rotate our text.

That gap is now filled by the new update.

3. Snap to lines

It was very annoying in previous version, whenever we tried to connect the two line segment, it was very difficult to get the perfect connection.

This option makes it very easy, also is optional you can even disable it if you don’t like it.

Smooth connection between line segments

4. Fill Color

Fill color option automatically fills color in closed region

5. Scrolling Directions

The new version comes with scrolling of pages in both direction i.e. (Now user can as per their convenience can define the page scroll direction horizontal or vertical.

6. Document Editing Tool Position

User can now define the position of tool bar either at top or bottom, previously it was fixed at top.

7. Status Bar Show/Hide

This feature enable user to have option to hide status bar. By hiding the status bar you will gain work-space, however it is very less.

8. Eraser Highlighter Only

Eraser now comes with the Erase Highlighter Only option. This gives users the freedom to erase the highlighted background.

9. Palm Rejection Sensitivity

Sensitivity level of palm rejection can be defined. this feature may be very crucial in case of old I-pad and Non pro version that doesn’t support I-pad pencil. and if you want to use passive stylus.

10. Brush Pen Added

This new brush pen is much more pressure sensitive, also feels like real brush and offer very good handwriting. As you can see in picture above the difference in third hi world.

11. Lasso tool customization

Lasso or selection tools now can be completely customized. It provides user freedom to decide what needs to be selected among handwriting, images, and texts or you can enable them all.

12. Search Bar at the top

Now searching the information is more quicker due to the change in position .

Not only the position has been changed in previous version we need to search for this option as it was hidden inside.

13. Favorites

Fig 1 (Showing favorite tab)

This feature enables users to quickly jump on the notebook and page.

The favorite can be defined very easily, just tap on favorite icon.

Now this will enable the document to be seen at front as shown in fig 1

when you tap on favorite tab it turns red, can be seen below.

Fig showing favorite turn red.

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