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Indian Startups Showcase Tech at CES 2020

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

For the first time ever in the history of Consumers and Electronic Show (or CES), India has had its own pavilion to showcase Indian Startups’ tech in front of the world.

CES 2020 was a crazy gathering of like-minded technology enthusiasts. People from all over the globe went to see and showcase their technological achievements. From OnePlus Concept One to Sony’s first car, this place was full of madness. However, CES 2020 saw something unprecedented this year. Indian startups for the first time ever had their own pavilion at the events five decade long history.

Which are these Indian startups?

Altifarm, STEMpedia, Hyper Lychee, Calamus, Strom Motors and Wagr are the six Indian companies one would have found at the event. All thanks to the investments made by Motwani Jadeja Foundation founder Asha Jadeja Motwani.

Although many governments fund such pavilions for their representatives at the CES, India has not yet shown much keen interest for the same. Therefore, Asha stood up for the task and sponsored the India Tech Park. She also called out to the Government to help Indian startups with better exposure of the competition around the planet.

What tech was showcased by these companies?

Wagr exhibited its first ever IoT enabled smart location tracker and fitness tracker for one’s pets. The device essentially is fitted on a dog’s collar and it then uses GPS to keep a track of the pet’s location in case it goes missing. The device also has a fitness and exercise tracker to keep a check on its fitness.

indian startup wagr collar

Strom Motors exhibited their three wheeled electric car, the Strom-R3. An amazing vehicle with the aim of a pollution free environment. Pre-bookings start on February 20, 2020 and deliveries by next year.

indian startup strom r3

STEMpedia focusses on ensuring STEM education is accessible to more and more students through hands-on-learning products. the company offers hands-on-project-making kits, programming app and a variety of other learning tools to help one cope with STEM.

dabble app by indian startup stempedia

Hyper Lychee is a home-appliance startup. The company’s first product is the Skadu- a handheld scrubber for various surfaces. Although, the company is based out of India, its primary markets are developed nations where domestic help is expensive.

hyper lychee skadu

Altifarm is an agro-based startup. Despite of being an Indian company, it too aims a wider market. The company provides products to help people grow fresh produce at homes itself. Moreover such products will allow people to be less dependent on farm products in such areas where it is difficult to grow plants.

indian startup altifarm altifarm

Calamus is keen on providing a new class of e-bikes, called the UltraBike. Also the world’s most advanced bike, the Calamus One Ultrabike is one of the very few self-balancing bikes around the globe. Its has a hundred percent internal cabling and many security features including GPS, anti-theft alarms etc.

calamus bike

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