Insert citation in word 2016, 365 – Add citations for thesis

Insert citation in word

Insert citation in word – document citation for thesis in word 2016, 365 and more.

When you are working on a research paper or a masters thesis, it is important that you properly footnote and give citation for the data that you may have collected from a particular source. By doing this, you acknowledge the other person’s work and stay away from plagiarism.

So, referencing can be done in various styles. Microsoft word offers the users with various referencing styles such as APA, Chicago, GHOST, Harvard, IEEE, ISO, MLA etc.

In this post, we will tell you how to add IEEE Referencing to your document.

How to add IEEE citation in Word – Insert citation in word

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers style, commonly known as the IEEE style of referencing, is one of the many referencing styles provided by Word.

In this style of referencing, citations are made in the text of the document by the way of numerical numbering in square brackets. The numbers in brackets are called citations which can be accessed in the references list created automatically by Word, at the end of the document.

Steps to Add IEEE Referencing in Word – Insert Citation in Word

To learn how to add and IEEE referencing in your Word document, follow the following steps and we are sure you’ll be able to do it nicely.

Step 1 : Open the document in which you want add references.

Step 2 : Place the cursor where you want to insert a citation.

Step 3 : Click on ‘References’ tab in the toolbar at the top of the page.

You will notice many groups by the name of Table of Contents, Footnotes, Citations and Bibliography, Captions, Index and Table of Authorities.

Step 4 : Go to ‘Citations & Bibliography’.

Step 5 : Click on the ‘Style’ drop-down menu.

Insert citation in word

Step 6 : Click on ‘IEEE 2006’ option on the list to set it as the referencing style for the document.

Step 7 : Now, click on ‘Insert Citations’.

Insert citation

You will get two options. you can either ‘Add new source’ or ‘add new placeholder’.

Step 8 : Click on ‘Add New Source’.

add source

The following dialogue box will open:

Here, you are supposed to specify the type of your source. For example, whether it is a book or a website. After that you have to fill in other details.

type source

Step 9 : Click on ‘OK’.

place refrence

You will notice that the a number in square brackets will get inserted where you wanted to insert a citation.

How to Insert Bibliography in Word – Add Bibliography in Word

To view the list of references in your document, you will have to follow the following steps:

Step 1 : Click on the ‘References’ tab in the toolbar at the top.

Step 2 : Click on ‘Bibliography’ in the Citations and Bibliography group. Once this is done, your list of references will be inserted in the document wherever you want it.

place bibliography

So, That’s all folks!

This way you will easily be able to add an IEEE referencing in your Word documents. Similarly, you can add more sources to your document. Also, you can change the citation type and bibliography automatically.

We hope to have helped you.

If you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know.

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FAQ – Insert citation in word

Do I need a separate software for citation in Word?

No, Microsoft word comes with build in citation features.However there are some software like mendeley word that provide some extra features compare to stock options.

Do I need to create bibliography manually or separately?

No. After you have added all the references, you are just required to follow the method given in the article.

Can I use my sources in multiple documents?

Yes. Once you have created sources, you can easily add the same reference and citation to another document.

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