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Intel launched 10th gen processors, Here what’s new

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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)
Intel New Processors for Laptops

Intel Launched It’s the first series of 10th gen 10nm processors for laptop.

Intel Launched their much awaited 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors (code-named “Ice Lake”) in Intel’s keynote presentation at Computex. These processors are manufactured with the company’s new 10nm process technology, “Sunny Cove” core architecture and Gen11 graphics engine. The 10nm processors were long awaited for about 2.5 years. The following are the series of upgrades that come up with these 10th gen processors.

New Gen11 Graphics

Intel claims, 2x boost over gen9 graphics, up to 1TF of Graphics/Compute Performance and the best 10th Gen Core designs will be able to compete with what AMD APU platforms. This is due to better cache design on the CPU.

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This means that you would able to play some known title at 1080p with lower to medium settings. The following graph benchmarking by Intel shows some popular title and their performance against AMD Counterpart.

Performance Improvements

The reason behind the better performance of 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors is 10 nm Process. This means, reduction in the size of transistor and as always Intel’s ability to pack transistor much more densely then it’s counterpart (AMD) which is currently leading with new architecture at 7nm. Besides that, there is 18% raw Instruction per clock improvement performance uplift compared to the original Skylake core released in 2016. Other features such as doubles the amount of L1 and L2 data cache from the respective 32kb and 256kb amounts.

These upgrades also results in better single thread performance which is very essential for many applications.

AI Capability

10th Gen Intel Core Processors: Claimed come up with AI Capability with Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel DL Boost) for low latency workload, and low-power AI usages on the PC, Intel® Gaussian Network Accelerator (GNA) is built into the SoC.

Intel also claims, use of A.I. will give Ice Lake’s new Sunny Clove processing core gives its 10th-gen mobile processors an improvement of up to 2.5 times that of its previous 8th-gen Whiskey Lake processor.

Better Connectivity

With 10 gen processors, Intel is providing build in support for Wi-Fi 6, which can go upto 10Gbps, with lower power consumption.

Will be available in two flavors

Intel also has confirmed that they will launch CPU’s Y-series and U-series. The Y-series parts are the most compact, lowest-power chips, designed for Ultra-portable and Thin devices with limited cooling option. This constraint causes these CPU’s to shipped with comparatively less powerful graphics. On the other hand, Intel’s U-series will have a nominal TDP of 9W, 15W and 25W and will ship with iris plus graphics.

The Product based on these processors soon going to see hitting the shelves soon by end of this quarter.

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