iPhone 14: 8 reasons not to buy it

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(Last Updated On: September 8, 2022)

A new generation of iPhones has been launched by Apple, including the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro. In a similar fashion to last year, the company revealed four new models with a few modifications. Instead of a mini model, the regular line-up now has two variants – iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. There are two iPhone 14 Pro and one iPhone 14 Pro Max in the Pro series. With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has saved the most advanced features for the top of the line model, while the other models receive minor updates over the iPhone 13 line. As a result, the iPhone 14 series costs almost the same as the iPhone 13 series, while the Pro variants are more expensive. So now we know why we should avoid buying the iPhone 14. In the following section, we will discuss those shortcomings.


Even the basic Android phone that worth only 15,000 or $200 comes with faster 120 Hertz some also comes with LTPO tech.

Apple however have created the difference by only providing hi refresh rate display to iPhone pro models, this means that they are still selling us at least five-year-old display in terms of refresh rate.

Moreover, apple is very clever this time because they even did not mention about high refresh rate in case of iPhone 14 pro in their apple launch event.


the iPhone 14 use old bionic chip that is being use bye iPhone 13 pro. Previously that was not the case iPhone used to power both iPhone models whether it is a pro or non pro version with same processor, iPhone share also made a cost cutting by providing a year-old bionic chip.

Poor Reception and connectivity

Lot of users from different part of the world commented on poor reception buy their iPhone. We saw a lot of news from different parts of the world where the people commenting that their iPhone 13 have a bad reception and a problem of call drop which apple claim to patch using software update. Apple do not only have an inferior radio off called reception but same applies to the Wi-Fi.

Apple have poor Wi-Fi reception capability and that a lot of users has actually proved by Wi-Fi data transfer test and by comparing it with mid-range phones.

No Charger included

Apple is the one who initiated not to include charger inside the box, there was a time when the phone used to come with charger data cable headphones and other accessories.

However, apple in the name of environmental sustainability remove all the accessories from the box and that too include the charger.

apple strategy is related to increased profits in the name of environmental sustainability as lot of people are buying the phone for first time or generally people do not change iPhone in just one year, hence the charger itself complete its life cycle in the same period.

now On the contrary the people are buying the charges separately by spending extra amount which is ridiculous because I phone itself is so costly and on the top of it the apple want extra amount to be paid for the charger and if you carefully notice it affect more to the environmental sustainability as now you need to provide a separate packaging for the charger that used to come without packaging inside the iPhone box.

Slow Charging and lightning port

the nan pro variant of iPhone still comes with lightning port instead of universally accepted type C which outside a big minus because you always need to carry your charger with yourself as you may not be able to use any other charger so this again insisting you to buy their accessories which is ridiculous.

Software update

apple is killing your phone using software update.

For a lot of users, the software update brings lot of new features, and we are a very happy to see this.

But do you know apple is known to kill your beloved iPhone using software update, therefore apple wants you to upgrade your phone as soon as possible so that they can sell more and more iPhones and here they don’t care about environmental sustainability.

fake Action mode

the action mode that apple is presenting as an exclusive camera feature with iPhone 14 age actually software trick which reduce the pixel from 4K recording 2.8 K so this crop actually helps you to compensate the jerks and movements.

This capability exists already with Android phones from old time in the name of EIS and can be achievable by software obviously it going to crop you are seen as the iPhone does by cropping for 4k to 2.8 K.

catalyst browse is one such software used by Sony cameras to make video stabilize.


The Apple iPhone look does not change since last 3 generations so it may not be worth it to upgrade if you are already using iPhone 12 or maybe 11 as if we see and compare with iPhone 11 2 iPhone 12 in iPhone 13


iPhone 14 overall comes with a 5-year-old display tech, poor reception not only of calls but off Wi-Fi as well, comes without a charger, fake action mode that presented as a new feature and a decade old look.

if you already own iPhone 12 then definitely it is not worth upgrading your iPhone. However, if you are using iPhone 11 or older and if you still want to buy iPhone then you may consider buying it.

iPhone however in terms of call quality which is basic function of any phone lags even compared with midrange smartphone available.

in our opinion one would like to buy iPhone because of its tighter integration with software, polished apps, one of the best video camera phones and highly secured compared to Android.

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