Low cost Ventilator for Coronavirus

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(Last Updated On: March 30, 2020)

Corona-Virus and Ventilator Relation In-short

According to the reports and WHO, the coronavirus affects the lungs of the human, In the extreme case the patient face problem in breathing (Unable to breathe). Therefore in such a situation, the mechanical ventilator became a lifesaver and the deciding factor for the patient life.

The Problem With Current Ventilator Machine

There is absolutely no problem with the current ventilator, except In the current situation of the global pandemic COVID-19, there is a high surge/requirement of such machines with limited manufacturing capabilities.

Also, the high cost is another concern for several developing nations.

The Efforts of companies and individuals to manufacture ventilators

We may also see several non-FDA approved DIY designs available in the market which may be risky.

Big companies like GM, Mahindra, Tesla have announced that they going to use their manufacturing capacity to build these machines to minimize the loss of life. But the thing is, they don’t have any prior experience or expertise.

The Risk Associated

The reason why the DIY is risky because either half baked or has a list of shortcomings with no validation and testing. (also comes with warning and precaution.)

The ventilator needs to be very reliable and robust in performance. When someone is incubated in the ventilator, the patient may be not conscious, in such a scenario the DIY may not able to sense or calculate the required volume of air needed to give the patient. The single second fault may be the decider of the life of someone.

AgVa Healthcare Low-cost Ventilator

In this current scenario where it is really tough to find the low-cost, reliable, tested ventilator the Agva health care seems to be a ray of hope.

They are producing the low cost ventilator since 2017, tested among several patients, support all essential and much of additional functionality at a price which is 100 times cheaper than the conventional ventilator.

One may check their models at the following link, due to covid-19 they can’t produce themselves enough to meet the requirement 1000 per week (number according to their website) which further been consumed in India only.

To meet the requirement and helping others they are offering manufacturing licenses to anyone who wants to produce it.

According to the company’s Website

We would be ready to have the product manufacturing license to be given to the identified, willing and capable manufacturer.

The company will provide technical drawing details, manufacturing processes, machining and software for the development of AgVa Ventilators.

The company will provide the essential raw materials from it’s OEM in order to build the ventilator

Anyone interested to get manufacturing license from them may visit this link

See Video the founder talking about the capability

In this worse situation as a human being and as a blogger, I think it is my responsibility to spread this and help others, Also kindly check and ask for the details. Please confirm every information from the manufacturer I have no contact/relation with the manufacturer.

UPDATE 29-03-2020 Maruti tie-up with them to produce 10,000 ventilators per month. See News

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