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MacBook Air, a Developer’s Choice in Laptops

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

It was the Apple MacBooks responsible for changing the face of portable coding. How, one may ask? The answer- through exemplary software and hardware integration. However, one of the major drawbacks of the MacBook Laptops is its exorbitant pricing which can cut a hole into one’s pockets quite easily. Thus, to help one tackle this problem, Technoholicplus recommends one to get their hands upon the latest (mid 2019) MacBook Air which offers a 13 inch extremely high resolution Retina display, an Intel 8th  generation dual core i5 processor with a clock speed of 1.67 GHz (with Turbo Boost upto 3.6 GHz), upto 16 GB of DDR4 Ram and upto 1 TB of SSD Storage options with a starting price of only ₹94900 .

Macbook air

But why choose a MacBook Air when a ton of other cheaper Windows and Linux alternatives are available?

This answer- due to outstanding software integration, with the macOS the fluidity and responsiveness is just another next level. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight at only 1.4 Kg, it is probably the best you can get satisfying the three P’s to look out while buying a laptop (performance, portability and price).

Another big reason to purchase the MacBook Air is its inbuilt support for Swift. Swift is a programming language developed by Apple used to develop iOS mobile applications. Being a developer, one should always have all of his/her options ready and hence having the option to code in Swift is a huge advantage over any other operating system. Also, Apple’s inbuilt IDE- Xcode is probably the best IDE tool due to its inbuilt support for all major programming support including but not limited to Java, Python, AppleScript, C, C++ and Swift. Moreover, many third parties including GNU Pascal, Free Pascal and D have added their support in Xcode as well.

Now with iOS app development taken care of, what about Android apps?

Well, the answer is simple, android apps use Java or Kotlin, both of which a Mac supports. Moreover, dedicated android IDEs like the Android Studio are also available on the Mac. Hence the author of ‘An Engineer’s Guide to Silicon Valley Startups’, Piaw Na says,  “Let’s say you’re building apps for iOS and Android. Well, you can’t build iOS apps on any OS other than Mac OS, so you’re stuck with a Mac. You can build Android apps on Mac OS, so you end up with a Mac.”

And anything special about the hardware, apart from the internals?

One word answer, ‘Yes’. Using the best grade of commercially viable Aluminium to make this machine, the build of this device is amazing. It has industry’s best speakers, an amazing trackpad and 2 thunderbolt-3 ports for its power and external connections.

To sum it all up, a developer’s best option in 2020 has to be the Amazing Apple MacBook Air. This all in one machine is completely undefeated and unbeaten in this sector of the industry. Any developer should definitely try and get their hands on this fantastic machine as soon as they can.

macbook air

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