Medicine delivered via drone Soon in India

Launch by catapult

In 2014, Drone-delivery startup Company Zipline was created, the thing that makes this startup is so special is their efforts for such a noble cause.

Currently, they are providing lifesaving drugs on that area which aren’t easily reachable in the very remote place of Africa. and they are successful in fulfilling their goal so far.

Zipline’s mission is to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies. According to them, today too many people are underserved by last century’s solutions like trucks, trains, and others.

Zipline drone service is way ahead from these conventional solutions with a cost-effective drone delivery network, revolutionizing access to healthcare.
According to the company, in the last 5 years, they have built the world’s fastest and most reliable delivery drone, the world’s largest autonomous logistics network.

After Rwanda & Ghana they plan to get into Indian Market.

India is a very diverse country geographically and demographically with a population more than a whole African continent.

Despite one of the fastest growing economy and has one of the largest road and rail network in the world, there is a high opportunity for improvement.

Serving Drone (Pic From Manufacturer page)

Still, there are so many remote locations especially in hilly areas where the infrastructure isn’t good enough. Many time it is very important to receive the life-saving drug at the right time and zip line could be the perfect lifesaver by delivering the drug at the right time.

Hiring for Business Development in India is also going on one can apply at the link provided below
Click here for the link

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