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Microsoft edge read aloud functionality

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(Last Updated On: August 30, 2022)

The Microsoft Edge browser looks and feels exactly like the most popular Google Chrome.

Is there a difference between both browsers?

Although technically they are the same, they differ in terms of their features.

The Microsoft Edge browser and Google Chrome both use Chromium as their browser engine The Chromium browser is a an open source browser on the top of it both Microsoft and Google has created their own skin as well as some unique feature set.

Due to common engine with chrome, The biggest advantage with Microsoft edge is that is you can install any existing extension of Google Chrome In Microsoft browser.
Additionally, there are some unique features at only available with Microsoft browser and one such feature is read aloud functionality.

Read aloud functionality in Microsoft edge

The read aloud functionality in Microsoft edge Provides user a very unique experience of Enjoying the content being displayed in the browser.

How to Start/Use Read aloud functionality in Microsoft Edge?

As you press this read aloud button As can be seen in the In the picture above, The read Allowed toolbar Appears The toolbar Gives you Host of functionality For example play and powers Read next Read previous and various voice option to Play the text.

Voice options in Microsoft Edge Read aloud

The voice option in Microsoft as read aloud Not only lets you You control the speed Of Voice But gives you philora option Of voices to choose from And the good The good thing is You not only have computerizedi voice but the latest natural voice from Microsoft And that too is available in almost all major languages which English Spanish Spanish Hindi Chinese Tamil Telugu Russian Polish German German and many more.

Limitation of voice options In Microsoft edge

The only limitation of voice option in Microsoft as is You need to have Internet Internet in Your system Which I believe Is expected To have such a nice natural Text to speech.

What can be improved in Microsoft read aloud functionality?

The Microsoft read aloud functionality currently Can Only read The text In the language Which it was written For example if the article Is written in Hindi so it So it will read the article in Hindi But for example if I would like to translate it and would like to read it in English Then unfortunately as of now it cannot We need to manually translate it And then only we can Listen to it.

Is Microsoft read aloud function is good enough?

The Microsoft read aloud function is undoubtedly one Is one of the best natural text to speech reader available in the market It is one of the best way to experience the content If you want to listen to it.

Final Thoughts

Since adopting the Chrome engine, Microsoft Edge has become one of the best browsers available on the market and also supports all the features that were available in Chrome.

The Microsoft Edge browser Is Definitely a good replacement Google Chrome that you required to additionally install, While you do not need to install anything extra To work with Microsoft as browser.

However the Microsoft edge browser is configured with Microsoft services For example instead of Google search engine you will see the Bing search bar But again that not a big deal You can easily switch or change your search engine from Microsoft Bing to Google search engine to have the best result.

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