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Microsoft store not working !!! How to fix

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

The issue of Microsoft store not working is a very common problem in windows 8 and windows 10. There may be n number of reasons behind this problem.

Surprisingly in some cases, we can open, run and browse the store smoothly, however, when we try to download apps and software the store shows a particular error.

For example, we may see this error 0x80070422, 0xc00000e or and the download process stopped.

Major cause of the Microsoft store not working.

Microsoft store not working
Microsoft Store not working

Below is the list of the major reasons behind the why windows store not work.

  • Windows Update Service Not Running
  • Windows License Manager service not running
  • Problem with DNS
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service not working
  • DCOM Server process launcher not running

Basically, these are the windows services which should be running to make our store run.

How to fix the problem of the windows store?

We have discussed the problem and the causes why Microsoft store not downloading, now let’s talk about the solutions.

The following are the steps to fix the windows app store.

STEP 1:- Firstly, download the attached file by clicking on Download Button.

STEP 2:- After download, right-click and run it as administrator.

STEP 3:- Click yes and wait. The file will run a set of commands and activates the services discussed earlier.

STEP 4:- Restart Your Computer:- thereafter, run the store.

Undoubtedly, the store should work.

In any case, if things didn’t go well. You may also try the alternate method using Microsoft Windows Store Apps TroubleShooter.

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