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Run Android in IPAD

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

Have you ever thought of possibility, that how nice it would be if we can run Android in the iPad?

And if you’re searching for the alternative way to run android on Ipad, then you are at right place.

Yes it is surely possible to experience running android on ipad.

But we can’t install it. Hence if you are looking for installation then you may skip this article. Instead if you are looking for how we can run, then you should have a look on the article and video demonstration.

Video Tutorial Show how We can experience Android on iPad.

yes, we will show you how you can experience Android in your iPad.

Duetdisplay |

For that, you required a PC and you need to install bluestack And duet display companion software.


Unfortunately, duet display is not free software, you can find it in the App Store of your iPad. The main use of duet display is to convert you Ipad to a secondary display or second monitor.

After installing duet display you run bluestack and PC companion.

Connect your Ipad to PC via lightning cable, there is a wireless version of duet also available but for that, you need to pay extra.
Run Blustack and move to Ipad and you will get a feeling of running Android in your IPAD.

you can full screen it and can enjoy Android to your iPad.

The touch and apple pencil work fine, and you can experience Android in your iPad.

Unfortunately, the experience will not be as good as the running native Android. but still, you can enjoy and get the feeling of running Android in your iPad.

please share your feeling and thoughts of running Android in iPad in command down below. also, you can suggest if you know any better way to run Android in your iPad.     

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