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Open the same page on another device google chrome

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(Last Updated On: June 1, 2019)

Opening the same page on multiple devices enable us to work without any challenges and give us the freedom not to remember our tabs and web pages.

Not only that We also can check the history of multiple devices at one place.

For example, if you have opened multiple web pages on different hardware like mobile, computer or laptop. If signed In and sync is on then you can access your desktop history on mobile or vice versa.

The step below shows how one can enable this feature to their device.

STEP 1: Open Chrome.

STEP 2 : Click on Top Right Corner shown Below and click ” Turn on Sync “

STEP 3: Enter google ID and password then click on next option yes I am in and do same on other devices like Mobile or whichever you want to be in sync.

STEP 4: Now as you can see the history of multiple devices (in this case 4 devices) highlighted.

STEP 5: Click to any link and access the page.

We hope that now you will able to access the same page and view the history that you has opened in different devices, tell us if your suggestion and reviews if this worked it for you or not.

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