Photoshop cs6 not working mac|Photoshop not working after update

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(Last Updated On: November 17, 2019)

Are you facing challenges with photoshop after updating you update mac to the latest build?

Well, this is due to photoshop CS6 has stopped supporting Mac OS Catalina or vice-versa.

This not good news for the consumers who are using CS6 for years, and do not want to buy the subscription license of adobe.

After doing some research we come up with a small fix this might help you with running the CS6 for MAC OS Catalina.

So how to run photoshop?

You can run photoshop by doing the following steps:

STEP 1:- find photoshop folder, You may use spotlight to find.

STEP 2:- After you open the photoshop CS6 folder you require to locate the Adobe photoshop CS6 icon. (You may see ban Icon over it due to non-compatability).

STEP 3:- Instead of opening it directly, right-click on it and choose “Show Package Contents” Option.

STEP 4:- Open Folder Contents then MacOS folder which is inside contents.

STEP 5:- Then you will see Adobe Photoshop CS6 now double click on it and wait for a while to open.

STEP 6:- We hope that you will able to open the photoshop this way, You can then make a shortcut of it to the desktop for future uses.

The video posted above in our channel also depicts the similar procedure of steps explained above.

We hope that in this way you may able to open CS6 again.

Despite that, a lot of users also face challenges with CS6, which we think only could be fixed by either apple or adobe itself.

we might see it working properly if either or them releases updates.

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