Popular Smartphone brands in India dominates Indian Smartphone market 2020

Overview – Popular Smartphone brands in India


Here we present you with the most popular smarphone brands in India

Source: Counterpoint

Nowadays you see a lot of smartphone brands in the market but there are only a few that dominate the market. Today, we are going to take a look at the Popular Smartphone brands in India.

As you can see from above stats Xiaomi a Chinese brand continue to hold the top spot in Indian market with about 30% market share in 2020Q1 , this followed by brands like Vivo 17 % and Samsung with about 16% of the total market share.

Xiaomi – Popular Smartphone Brands in India

(Country: China)

With a market share of 30% Xiaomi is the top smartphone brand in India. When xiaomi first entered the Indian market, back in 2014 no one imagined that it would be such a huge success in the market. But, the company kept on growing and now they have the best in class smartphones that are very competitively priced and provide you with ample amount of features that you used to get only in premium pricing earlier.

Oneplus – Popular Smartphone Brands in India

(Country: China)

From its first “flagship killer” in 2014, OnePlus has been continiously successful in providing its users with true flagship features that other brands have been unsuccessful in providing. OnePlus devices are trusted by a wide variety of users. In 2019, oneplus saw a very successful year as it’s market share in premium smartphone segment was about 33%.

Samsung – Popular Smartphone Brands in India

(Country: South Korea)

Samsung is one of those brands which has been in the android smartohone game almost since its inception. It was the only brand that had a chance of standing against the infamous Apple iPhone and now still it makes excellent smartphones which can be clearly seen when we look at their market share in the indian smartphone market which is about 16% of the total share. Samsung is also one of the most innovative brand when it comes to implementing new and advanced to their flagship phones.

Apple – Popular Smartphone Brands in India

(Country: USA)

Apple, the company that started it all. Apple is know all over the world for its premium iPhones and the status their smartphones have in Indian society is a huge selling point.

In recent years Apple is also trying to get into the mid-range smartphone space because of which its popularity is growing more and more in India. With the help of Iphone 11, it was successful in achiving a 33% stake in the indian ultra-premium smartphone market.

Realme – Popular Smartphone Brands in India

(Country: China)

Realme has seen a huge success in just a matter of 2 years, Its market share was about 14% in 2020 Q1 which is very good, keeping in mind how new the company is. Ever since its inception in 2018. The company have went on to release a number of successful smartphone lineups. Realme has manged to give a stiff competition to Xiaomi when it comes to budget smartphones.

OPPO – Popular Smartphone Brands in India

(Country: China)

Oppo another chinese brand started out in India by claiming itself as a camera smartphone brand which although made sense a few years back is not so much necessarily true now that we have so many smartphone manufacturers providing smartphones with better camera than oppo but still oppo is a bestselling smartphone brand in india with about 12% market share in 2020 Q1.

VIVO – Popular Smartphone Brands in India

(Country: China)

Vivo and oppo share a lot of things like the marketing strategy, mobile phone pricing, etc. This may be due to the fact that both the manufacturers share a common parent company between themselves. Vivo just like oppo has a number of bestselling smartphones, and the credit goes to their excellent marketing strategy because of which vivo has about 17% share in India’s smarphone market.

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