PowerPoint Live 101

PowerPoint Live is a revolutionary feature introduced by Microsoft which has brought about a paradigm shift in the world of presentations.


PowerPoint Live 101 – live presentation with enagement with audience

Since the time of its inception, Microsoft’s Office 365 has been the go to office suite for cloud computing. It has offered a wide range of services through various Apps.

To help its user connect and share more effectively, Microsoft has released the all new PowerPoint Live!

Presentations have always been one of the most preferred means of sharing information at conferences, seminars and meetings. But what about the remote attendees? How could they view and participate? How could presentations be made more interactive?

PowerPoint Live is the answer to all such questions.

PowerPoint Live is finally here!

A few months back Microsoft had announced that they were soon going to introduce the feature of live presentations into the market. This news was met with a positive reaction. Everyone was very excited and waiting eagerly.

Now, PowerPoint Live has finally hit the market and has been made available for general use.

What is PowerPoint Live and what’s the big deal about it?

PowerPoint Live has a lot to offer to its users. So, let’s check out all the features!

Live Presentation with PowerPoint

As the name suggests, PowerPoint Live provides its users with the feature of sharing live presentation with PowerPoint. It allows the sharing of the presentation even with the audience sitting in far away locations.

PowerPoint Live gives each and every member of the audience access to presentations on their personal devices in real time.

Freedom of navigation with live presentation in PowerPoint

powerpoint live

PowerPoint Live gives audience the freedom of navigation during a presentation. This way, they can keep track of the presentation better and access a slide which they could not understand earlier. They can also zoom in to get a better view of the components of the presentation.

However, the audience doesn’t get access to future slides. Future slides can only be accessed by the host.

Real time captions in 60+ languages

For the users who face difficulty understanding the default language of the speaker, captions can be turned on in any of the 60+ languages offered by PowerPoint Live.

Live Statistics

During a live presentation using PowerPoint Live, the presenter has the power to see how many people are watching the presentation at a given time.

This helps the host keep a better track of all the attendees.

Focus on engagement with live reaction and feedback

Using PowerPoint Live, the audience can give their feedback by providing reactions in real time. This helps the presenter analyse and improve the methods of presenting on the go.

Not only that, PowerPoint Live lets the audience give feedback regarding the presentation when it ends. They can do this by complimenting and rating the presentation. This gives the presenter an idea of the areas where improvement is required. The presenter can then take necessary actions and measures to ensure better presentations in the future.

The feedback feature helps the presenter interact, learn and build healthy relations with the audience.

Limitations of PowerPoint Live

Even though PowerPoint Live provides the users with a wide range of facilities, it has its own share of limitations. The biggest and the only drawback that it suffers with is the fact that only those with a subscription of Microsoft Office 365 can present it.

However, once you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, PowerPoint Live becomes one of your greatest assets.

So in summary, it can be said that PowerPoint Live is a revolutionary feature introduced by Microsoft which has brought about a paradigm shift in the world of presentations. This new addition to the Microsoft Office 365 Suite provides the users with amazing features.

We sure do look forward to more from Microsoft!

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