Premiere Pro importer reported a generic error

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

Adobe Premiere Pro undoubted is one of the most popular and leading software for video editing.

This software comes with so many advanced features that enable the user to make awesome movies and high-grade content.

Thou premiere pro it is very popular and widely used, due to continuous updates and new features added, sometimes also result in instability and unusual behavior

Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss the two common problems of premiere pro which are: Premiere Pro importer reported a generic error and File has unsupported compression type.


you might have faced this challenge while importing some of your videos.

In most cases, there is no problem with video, rather it is the problem related to the software which is unable to process and recognize it.

Regular development and agile approach may be one of the biggest factors behind it. This is the reason why nowadays beta and half baked software are so common in the digital world.

This results we see the problem like an importer reported a generic error, Premiere Pro importer reported a generic error.

Lets now talk about how to fix it. There are so many suggestions available on the internet like changing the file format. Simply rename the file extension.

But did that really work???


The answer is yes and no. therefore we advise you to try this first. for example, you have a video.mp4 file that isn’t able to get imported into premiere pro. Change it’s an extension to Video.avi click here to see how to enable change in the file extension.

If this works for you then congrats, if not then we will suggest you convert video using a good video converter and this should fix your problem.

If you have any doubts or have other alternative solution then share with us in the comment down below.

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