Ram buying guide – Hi there, are you thinking of upgrading your PC or laptop and planning to buy new ram?

want to know how to check the required specs ?

Stay tuned with us, we will tell you step-by-step procedure of check ram details.

Why I should check my ram frequency ?

Well, there may be several numbers of reasons behind you wanted to check your speed, but majorly we do this to server these two principal purposes:-

  • Planning to upgrade your systems RAM.
  • Want to know / verify your ram speed.

How can I check my RAM speed ?

We will show you the simplest way to do it with the help of screenshots.

ram buying guide
How to check ram speed

Perform the following steps in your windows PC

  • Press windows key and type CMD as shown in picture above
  • Then you can see the option run as administrator , click on it
  • The user access control prompt will appear click on yes

Now the black screen (DOS) will appear like this


Now copy the following command by pressing Ctrl and C together

wmic memorychip get speed

Select the black screen again and paste it by pressing Ctrl and V together

wmic memorychip get speed

The RAM speed can be seen in the encircled rectangle.

How to check Total Ram Installed ?

  • Type “this pc” as shown in picture above
  • Click on properties
ram buying guide

You will see the information about the amount of RAM installed in your system.

Check for CAS latency and timing

This is the last thing that you should consider the ram while buying.

checking cas latencies

For that, you may need to see your ram and search for the following.

After that you find with timing make sure that the new ram you are going to buy should have same frequency Mhz and timing value so that it works properly.

Congratulations now you have all necessary details required to buy ram for your pc or laptop

check ram frequency and cas latency thru software – ram buying guide

Download the following software

After you download install it and open it.


Now you can find all require information, like your ram generation, ram speed, and the ram clock timing at last.lower the value of cas latency better the response time.

Check for the max frequency ram support by processor and motherboard.

This is very important factor while if you are looking to replace the old ram with faster memory,or going to buy new system, check for the official supported figures for the processor at intel and amd .

If you are buying the ram with higher clock frequency then you may need to buy only Z series motherboard especially in case of intel processors. the Z series board gives you power to run your ram at higher frequency then officially supported number.if you didn’t then dispite you bought high frequency ram the ram will run at 2133mhz (lowest speed).

For example the intel core i7-8700k officially support only 2666mhz ram.
In order to run high frequency ram lets say 3200mhz you required z-series motherboard.

You required to choose xmp (extreme memory performance) profile to run memory at higher frequency. if you have board of H serie or B series then you many not rum at rated frequency instead your speed will reduced to 2133mhz.

If you have any further doubts kindly let us know by making comment down below.

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