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How to Repair Windows Store | Windows store troubleshooter

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

The problem with the windows store is pretty common. So many times the store stops working by showing the error code 0x80070422. Undoubtedly, this results in frustrations in users. In this article, we will show how you can resolve the windows store problem with the help of windows store troubleshooter.

How to fix Microsoft store easily?

Earlier we had posted an article about the ” Easiest way to repair the store with one click ” using a .bat file.

Due to the ease of the method, we recommend you firstly check this method. The provided .bat file will enable and required services essential for Microsoft Store hence you may not require to go through this way.

My Windows Store still not working.

Don’t worry you may still able to repair windows store by running the dedicated troubleshooter for Windows apps. Here is the step by step instructions with the screenshot.

Steps to resolve windows store using apps troubleshooter.

STEP1:- Go to the windows search bar as shown below.

Windows search bar

STEP2:- Type control panel on the search bar.

Windows search bar

STEP3:- Find Troubleshooting on control panel.

Windows Control panel

STEP4:- Click on TroubleShooting .

Control panel trouble shooting

STEP5:- Now click on Hardware and Sound option as shown.

repair windows store

STEP6:- Now, you will see the Windows Store App, click on it.

repair windows store

STEP7:- Click on Advanced.

troubleshooter for windows apps

STEP8:- Select Apply repairs automatically checkbox then click Next.

troubleshooter for windows apps

STEP9:- Wait for the troubleshooter to finish the process.

windows store troubleshooter

Tell us how about your experience with Microsoft store repair tool in the comment down below, I hope with this you have resolved your problem.

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