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Speed up my Computer – Part 2

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)


This whole article is written in two parts therefore if you haven’t read the first part, then I will suggest you visit this link to read speed up my computer from the beginning.

We will suggest you read this article completely, as there are so many hidden tips and tricks discussed inside. this will help to know the cause (Why my computer is slow) and the solution (how to speed up my computer).

Use two ram sticks instead of one

Upgrade your hardware, Most of the machines especially budget laptops comes with a single ram and without GPU, such machine performance can dramatically be improved by using two rams instead of using 4Gb or 8 GB Single Stick. It should be upgraded by using two rams by utilizing dual channel.

Replace Conventional Drive with SSD

A lot of users don’t know the biggest bottle-neck in the performance of the computer is Hard drive. The hard drive decides the throughput of your machine.

Unlock the potential of your computer by installing SSD. After installing SSD, “There would be no surprise, The five years old laptop will boot and load programme 2-5 times faster than a system without SSD.So you can imagine how fast your system will become and how many bucks you can save instead of buying a new computer.
Additionally, It comes with at least five years warranty, and there are no movable parts, no worry about shocks and much more reliable than a conventional drive.
If we talk about random read-write, the SSD can be 500-600 times faster then conventional drive.
These are benchmark scores of our two drives
speed up my computer

This thing is so fast that the sata connection is not capable enough to handle the fastest SSD. Therefore it comes in 3 variants (SATA SSD, M.2 SSD, Pcie Based SSD)

Define Startup Program

It is very easy to define the start up program

  • Press CTRL+Shift+Esc Together to open task manager from any window.
  • Click on Start Up Tab
speed up my computer
  • Click and disable the processes which are not important for you. like shown below
speed up my computer
  • Similarly, You can also enable them back if required.

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