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Speed up my Computer

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(Last Updated On: May 13, 2020)


The slow performance of the computer quite frustrating , How to speed up my computer?

Sometimes despite we invest a lot of hard-earned cash in buying new hardware in a hope that it will worth and will pay back to us in the form of delivering the objectives faster than before.

But, after some time your new hardware performance dropped, & becomes sluggish. How to improve system computer performance? how can I speed up my computer?

If these are not your questions then if you may have these in your mind

  • You have purchased a brand new machine, and it is not performing well?
  • How to improve my laptop/desktop performance?
  • Your machine became five years old, you love it and want to upgrade its life by three more years?
  • Why my computer became such a slow, What could be the reason behind it?
  • Despite having i7, i5 or even i3 processor does it working slower than your previous system?

Hello, there everyone in this article we will talk about all these questions and will see how you can speed up the system performance, we will try to help you to extract every compute performance out of your machine .

Why our machine turns slow?

First of all, let us just know why our machine turn slow? Well there could be n number of factors behind it, Let’s discuss some of the main reasons which cover most of them

System is old  

Our machine is same, its computational power is also same despite that our machine turns slow. The biggest is drop in performance occurs due to continuously moving parts like Hard disk drive. This makes a significant impact on your computer’s performance

Software Updates  

speed up my computer

Every day the software that we run on computers are evolving and improving, with an increase in their capability now they need much more hardware resources as they required to be before. This results slow down of machines.

Fragmented Data  

speed up my computer

If you are still using old HDD to boot your run software then with time due to continuous read-write operations, lot of data store in mechanical drive gets fragmented in several locations across the drive. Now due to this , the mechanical drive takes much more time to fetch random data compare to sequential one

Large number of start up software

speed up my computer

If not defined properly when we install specific software’s they ask for the option of  “Start With Windows”.If you don’t disable this option then this cause run of the system every time and

Large number of bloatware & malware

speed up my computer

Many times during software installation, we get free(not needed) add ons plugin

How we can increase our system speed?

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