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Update Windows 10 to latest Version 2021H1

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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2021)

The Initial version of Microsoft windows 10 was released on 29, July 2015, unlike previous version the Microsoft has stopped releasing new version of windows (Due to the fact that most of the organization depends on it’s product and frequent change may disturb the workflow).

Since the launch we saw number of major windows 10 update in the form of windows feature update.

Microsoft has just launched their latest release of summer update Version 2021H1 in may.

Windows 10 Receive Continuous Update

Unlike previous version, they used to receive features in the form of service packs, The Microsoft Windows 10 release continuous update since it’s launch. Generally the Microsoft continually release small fixes and security updates while release new features in the form of features update.

The Microsoft Release Features Update twice a year currently known as H1 and H2 (H1 for summer and H2 for Fall update), Check Here to know more

How to Update Windows 10 to latest Update?

Windows 10 can be updated in two ways.

Method 1 – Update windows 10 to latest build

  • Press Windows and click on settings.
  • Now Click on Update and Security
  • Click on update if update is not present then click on check for updates

Method 2 – Microsoft Windows 10 Update Assistant.

  • Click here to visit the download link of Microsoft windows 10 update assistant. Alternatively Click here
  • Run the update assistant.
  • If the there is any update available for your system, the Microsoft windows 10 update assistant will download it.
  • You will see the following message after receiving all the latest update.

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