How to use PowerPoint Live ? | Connecting to live Presentation.

PowerPoint Live created a buzz in the market when Microsoft added it to the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. This super feature not only allows connectivity over large distances but also provides for effective interaction between the host and the audience.

Using PowerPoint Live, live presentations can be shared with a large audience in PowerPoint. It helps both the presenter and the audience interact and learn in real time.

It provides the benefits of live reactions, feed backs, live statistics, freedom of navigation to attendees and real time captions in 60+ languages.

However, connecting to a live presentation may seem to be a daunting task to many. Don’t worry. We are here to help!

This article aims to bring to the users the practical aspects of connecting to powerpoint live presentation online without any hassle.

Using PowerPoint Live in Remote Conferences

PowerPoint Live goes beyond all physical barriers of communication and provides easy access to the presentation with the help of QR Codes and URLs. The actual location of the attendees doesn’t matter much. They may be sitting right in front of the presenter or at a distant place from the place of presentation.

All they need to have is a subscription to the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. That one thing is mandatory for Presenter. However for audience only internet connection is enough.

So, let’s see how it’s done.

Starting and Connecting to PowerPoint Live

No matter how complicated connecting to a live presentation may seem, it is actually very simple.

To understand the basics, all we have to keep in mind is that it is the presenter or the host who starts the live presentation and it is the audience who join the presentation using the provided QR Code or URL.

Brushing up on QR Codes and URLs

For those who are not aware of the concept of QR Codes and URLs, they are as simple concepts as their spellings.

A QR Code is a ‘Quick Response’ code which, when scanned, gives the user access to some kind of information. Click here to know more.

URL stands for ‘Uniform Resource Locator’, which is basically a web address which, when entered in a browser, takes you directly to the source of information. Click here to know more about URLs.

Now, that we understand well what QR Codes and URLs are, it’s time to move forward and learn their use for connecting to live presentations.

So, let’s first go through the steps required to be carried out for starting a live presentation.

Starting a Live Presentation

(For the Presenter)

For starting a live presentation, you must have a Microsoft 365 account to access PowerPoint Live with PowerPoint.

Firstly open and

sign in office 365

Now Click on Sign in

sign in powerpoint

After signing in to the Microsoft 365 Suit, the following simple steps are to be followed to kick start a live presentation:

Step 1 : Click on the PowerPoint icon to open it.

office 365 dashboard

Step 2 : Select and open your PowerPoint presentation.

open ppt

Step 3 : Go to ‘Slide Show’ on the toolbar.

goto slide show

Step 4 : Click on ‘Present Live’.

As soon as the host (the presenter) clicks on ‘Present Live’, the below screen appears displaying a QR Code and a URL on the screen.

share the code

Now, it’s the audience’s turn to use the provided QR Code or URL as per their convenience, to access the presentation.

Connecting to PowerPoint Live

(For the Audience/Attendees)

Now, that the QR Code and URL are displayed on the screen, it is time for the viewers to connect.

The audience can simply connect using the provided link / URL (for devices without camera) or QR code (for devices with camera).

Connecting using the QR Code

If your device has a camera, connecting via the QR code is the easiest and the most preferred option.

For using the QR Code, you will need a QR Code scanner in your device.

For android users, there are multiple QR Code Scanners available on the Google Play Store. Any one can be installed and used.

Android users may download a QR Code scanner from here, if their device doesn’t already have one.

IOS users may learn how to use the QR Code scanner already present in their device from here.

The basic steps required to use a QR Code Scanner are as follows:

STEP 1:- Open the QR Code Scanner of your device.

qr code
qr coi

STEP 2:- Scan the QR Code using the rear camera.

scan code

Once this is done, you immediately get access to the live presentation with interactions, such as you can see previous and currenlt slides.

Connecting using the URL

If you are using the URL, you can simply copy-paste on the browser and you’ll immediately be able to join the presentation.

So, now that you have connected to the live presentation and have access to to the slides, use all the tools to mentioned in the previous article to interact and learn more!

Recieve presention feedback directly to your 365 Email

The audience can give live feedback or at the end of presentation. The feedback provided by the users will recieve straign to the registered email

That is all for connecting to PowerPoint Live. If you still have any doubts, feel free to leave a comment and contact us.


  1. How to connect to powerpoint live presentation ?

    Ask presenter to share QR code or link , After you receive the code, scan it with help of qr code scanner or inbuilt scannner or enter the url in browser.

  2. What are prerequisite to use powerpoint present live feature?

    An Internet connection and office 365 account.

  3. Can i use or join Properpoint present live without office 365 account ?

    No, you can’t. as of present july 2020 is is mandatory to have office 365 account.

  4. Does power point live works with office 365 student account?

    Yes, It works with office 365 student account.

  5. Do I need office 365 to join?

    No, Infact no application is required just enter the url provided.

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