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VLC player Download

Are you looking for a solution, How you can change video playback speed permanently, and frustrated with the default setting of premiere pro?

Are you facing terrible audio quality during video playback speed changes?

In this article, we will show you how you can fix this problem with VLC player.

VLC Player Download

Firstly we require to download VLC Player you can download the VLC player by clicking in the download button below.

LINUX (Ubuntu users can download VLC from Store or by using following procedure.

STEP 1:- Open Terminal

STEP 2:- Type following command and press enter to install VLC.

% sudo snap install vlc

Now we will see how it can be done with the help of VLC.

How to FIX Video playback speed?

Yes, you heard it Right, VLC player not only supports multiple Video playback format, But also comes with tons of features. It can

  • Edit your video playback speed.
  • Convert video and audio into another format.
  • Can add Subtitle to your video during conversion.
  • Play almost every format video which the native (Windows Media Player & Quick Time Player) Can’t
  • You can also have 200% volume output with it. (Useful when the playback volume is low)

Now let’s talk about to FIX the playback?

We will show you fixing playback STEP by STEP with example conversion of a video with speed of 1.3x with the help of VLC player

STEP 1. Start VLC Player

VLC Player

STEP 2. Click on file then convert/save as seen in the screenshot

VLC Player video convert

STEP 3. Now Click on ADD and locate the file which you want to add.

VLC PLAYER | File/Convert

STEP4. Delete File -caching.

VLC Player | Delete Caching

STEP 5. Type Following: rate=1.3 (Note: If you want to change the speed to other value then simply type the value
for example, if you want to make the playback slow then type: rate=0.75) and so on.

VLC Player | Convert

STEP 6. Now click Convert/Save

Video Playback

STEP 7. Select the folder where you want to save the video. (I have chosen desktop in this case)

Video Convert

STEP 8. If you want to see playback while conversion select the display the output checkbox


STEP 9. Click Start.

VLC Player Start

STEP9. Now click the play button

VLC Play

Now wait for the file being played completely

VLC Player converter

STEP 10. After this, your video should be converted with increased/decreased playback.

You can also check the video version of this tutorial.

Feel Free to ask (If you face any problem)

Kindly leave your valuable feedback/suggestion in the comment down below. also, do check out our article on How to improve the system speed.


What is VLC Player?

Vlc Player is an all in one absolutely free Multi-Media player with video editing options.

Can I see VLC as a replacement for dedicated Video editing software like Finalcut or premiere pro?

Absolutely not, but it offers a very powerful video and audio converter, Subtitle addition option, and very nice playback speed change option which is far better than other video editing software.

Why my video converted despite I followed all the steps?

Some times despite having proper setting it may not work, then you may change the output folder.

What are the Supported Platforms by VLC?

VLC Support All popular platforms Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iOS.

I would like to know the official Website of VLC.

Is there any other programs by the same developers

Yes there are tons of other Programs.

Awesome I want to support developers.

Sure we should support them by making donations
Visit the following link https://www.videolan.org/contribute.html and find the donate option.

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