YouTube video to Mp3 convertor – 3 Best Ways to Convert yt to mp3

Here are the best online YouTube to mp3 online conversion tools to help one store their favourite music onto their devices

youtube to mp3

YouTube video to Mp3 convertor

Are you looking for youtube video to mp3 convertor for mac ? or looking for youtube video to mp3 convertor for pc ? In both the cases do worry as we came up with soluntion of this problem.

Have you ever been surfing YouTube and come across a random song or a video that has to be in your offline playlists? later spoiling your mood, when you come to know, it is not possible to save the music on YouTube.

Well, there are multiple online youtube video to mp3 conversion tools, one can use to download and further convert youtube video to various multimedia formats including .mp4, .mov and .mp3.

Now, the question is which YouTube to mp3 tool to use? Don’t worry, Technoholicplus has got it covered.

Here are the top three best online YouTube video to mp3 converter, while choosing three considering security, anti-malware downloads, and fastest conversions:

Online Video Converter – Youtube Video to mp3


The site is probably the best YouTube audio converter tool one can choose. It not only allows one to convert YouTube videos to audio in mp3 but also to many other formats including Ogg, m4a, FLAC and many more.

Moreover, this also allows you to just download these videos as themselves in a wide selection of formats. some common formats includes mov, avi, mp4 video.

This converter also has additional benefits of letting the users to download not only from YouTube but from other video streaming sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram etcetera.

One can also convert existing videos in any of the supported formats using this free, fast and secure youtube to mp3 conversion tool.

Unfortunately, in the case of Apple iPhone and iPad users, the youtube converter tool does not work, so for them here is the second alternative.

Odownloader – youtube video to mp3 convertor

odownloader is not as useful YouTube to mp3 converter when compared to other tools of this list, despite, it has a huge advantage over all others. It works on all operating systems which allow the user to connect to the internet and that includes the security and privacy-oriented Apple iOS as well.

Speaking about disadvantage – Odownloader doesn’t allow users to do any conversion apart from YouTube videos to mp3 audio.

Y2Mate video to mp3 convertor free online

y2mate is another amazing online conversion tool that allows its users to convert video to mp3. It also allows video downloading But unlike onlinevideoconverter, y2mate only supports mp4 for videos and mp3 format for audio files.

Tip: While watching a YouTube video, just add ‘pp’ after ‘youtube’ in the URL bar to take you directly to this website and start the downloads right away.

url bar

Finally we believe that you have sucessfully able to convert youtube video to mp3 to these tools. No matter wether you are using windows or mac these tools workd with every OS.

You may check how you can convert youtube videos to text. Do let us know your thought in the comment down below.

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