All you need to know about Windows 365 Cloud PC
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All you need to know about Windows 365 Cloud PC

All you need to know about Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft has recently announced the Windows 365 cloud-based system, which gives users a very unique experience of using this Windows Powered PC. The Windows 365 is a remote computer which can be accessed with the help of a browser or remote desktop clients which are available for Windows , Macintosh, iOS and Android.

Despite the windows didn’t launch any dedicated app for the Linux based system, still the windows 365 can be accessed from any browser which make it accessible from any platform that support browser.

Why one should consider Windows 365 ?

Well, there are numerous benefits of having windows 365 , some of major are the following :-


The Windows 365 can be easily accessed from any where with the help of an internet connection without carrying additional physical device.

Data on Cloud

As the whole windows and the data resides in cloud hence you don’t need to worry about switching the device. Let’s say you were using different computer in office, now you went for a meeting or presentation in different location, you don’t need to show your carry your device along. The windows 365 can be easily be accessed from any another internet enabled device.


You can use and access windows 365 on any device, Though it is accessed from remote connection still this makes windows 365 one of the most versatile and adaptable OS.

Blazing fast internet connectivity

You will see your windows 365 cloud pc is connected with hyper fast internet connection with several Gigabits of download and upload speed. This is very useful if you need very high internet speed and you are living in the area where the internet connection is either slow or very expensive to use, all you need to have is connection link which can be as slow as 512kbps. After you connected with your Windows 365 Cloud PC you can download and use blazing fast internet (Please note that this internet works only inside windows 365 cloud PC).

Easier To Maintain and Troubleshoot

In current scenario when lot of professionals are working from home, providing IT support and trouble shooting issues became quite challenging, with Windows 365 cloud PC this can be drastically minimized. The IT admin can easily control access the windows 365 cloud pc via windows 365 endpoint manager and can easily install the desired software and resolve the issue.

Limitations of Microsoft Windows 365 cloud PC

Despite various advantages following are the limitations of windows 365 cloud PC


Windows 365 is an excellent platform, but still we believe a lot of users and companies may not consider it due to costly plans for higher configuration machines, this may be one of the reason why Microsoft hasn’t released consumer version of windows 365 and have only released it of business and enterprise users.


The Microsoft has enabled several security features to prohibit unauthorized access to you windows 365 PC, however your PC is remotely located and can be accessed by any one from any location. This raised a potential threat to your data therefore one needs to safely keep your password and shouldn’t login from unknown PC.


The Microsoft Windows 365 is first cloud powered PC, it has game changing features and capabilities and can be very useful for a set of users and enterprises however, it is not for everyone especially for consumers and for gamers.

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